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  1. esmeey


    I'm Bejeweled Speed magic
  2. esmeey


    Yay I won
  3. Who is the winner, Me
  4. 6 5,130 You will soon find your way around the game Candy Crush Saga, because the game principle and controls are quickly understood. You have to arrange the motley candy on the clear playing field so that a group of at least three candies of the same color is created. If you succeed, the candies will disappear from the field and new ones will slide. In Candy Crush Saga you try to clear the field as cleverly as possible.
  5. esmeey


    yay I'm GOTD Candy Crush winner
  6. esmeey


    yeh yam champion
  7. esmeey


    Yay I wonBejeweled Blitz 1 Min GOTW
  8. esmeey


    Yay I won Benbats GOTW
  9. esmeey


    Yay I'm Shining Mine - 2 Min GOTW winner

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