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  3. This week's Team Game was Wild West Slot Machine chosen by Cobras. Cobras 15 + 14 + 10 + 8 + 3 = 50 Spectres 13 + 12 + 9 + 7 + 2 = 43 RAS 11 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 1 = 27 A good result for Cobras and a good turn out in difficult times with nobody sure if Flash games are coming or going lol. Well done Hammer for the high score Hammer 9,600 Sherry 8,640 neilgee 2,400 wildflower 1,500 Cinderella 1,400 ImDa 1,300 panda 1,155 MuckUp 880 Kim 800 kendall 400 Husky 300 BlueStone 150 Ros 105 Mercury
  4. I also want to be in a team
  5. grapjas 10,640 weme 10,280 Sherry 9,680 islandgrl 9,040 wildflower 8,990 panda 7,880 neilgee 4,470 left 4,100 Ros 3,600 Robbie, Husky, Hammer, MuckUp, Ronald, Toolman 0
  6. Last week
  7. A new GOTD wish has been made for 3 Reel Fruit Slots You can play this game here 3 Reel Fruit Slots Description of game Flash Slots You can download this game here 3 Reel Fruit Slots
  8. Week 82 Will only show the top 3 players whose scores will be added! 9 Ball Pool 1st hammer = 15 2nd husky = 10 3rd kendall = 5 Bejeweled Speed 1st wildflower = 15 2nd esmeey = 10 3rd sherry = 5 Classic Solitaire 2 1st panda = 15 2nd sherry = 10 3rd huskey = 5 Jumping Miner 1st hammer = 15 2nd panda = 10 3rd husky = 5 Which Animal is Different 1st panda = 15 2nd sherry = 10 3rd husky = 5 1st ... panda = 40 points 2nd ... hammer = 30 points 3rd .. sherry & husky = 25 p
  9. Hello Everyone, We now have the site version of Ruffle installed on the site. This will enable all members to play flash games on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. So you don't have to downloaded the browser version to your computer. At the moment you will not be able to play in full screen or AS3 games. Ruffle is working on this and as soon as there is a fix I will let you you. There is also an issue with playing tournaments, seems you can only play on Chrome and only play V2 and V32 games. Will update this as more testing is done. It is also suggested to allow updates for th
  10. Hi We have now integrated Ruffle into the site, this means you shouldn't have to install the ruffle extension to play games here at Ronald's Arcade, you will need the extension to play games at other sites that do not have Ruffle integrated into their site. However it doesn't seem to conflict with the one now integrated into Ronald's Arcade and you can always switch the extension off if you have any problems. Browser you can use are Edge. Chrome, Firefox & Safari Ruffle will not play any AS3 action script games at the moment but we hope that issue may be sorted eventually.
  11. They are working getting AS3 implementation working, I think it is one of their top priorities right now, but rest assured they will get it fixed, how long it will take ?
  12. hello the ruffle work on some games other have this maybe some will find a way of this thanks
  13. Thanks for that Ron Well looks like you Should not have to do anything now to play Flash games once we has moved to 1.1.1Beta3 Arcade It will be compatible with http://ruffle.rs/. Thanks to Logan and Legionaire. It is working on many sites so lets hope it does here !! (( Don't shoot the messenger , its only what I have seen around the sites ))
  14. How To Install Ruffle Flash Emulator As a Browser Extension Download Chrome Browser: Google Chrome - Download the Fast, Secure Browser from Google Get Ruffle: Ruffle | Flash Player emulator written in the Rust programming language Download Ruffle for Chrome, to your desktop, unzip the program and leave it on the desktop. Download Chrome, open Chrome look at the upper right corner, click on the 3 dots, next click on Settings, when this opens, look over to the left near the bottom of the page, click on Extensions, look in the upper right corner for Developer Mode click the bu
  15. GOTD Jewels Blitz 2 Game Title
  16. neilgee

    H5 list

    Cobras Wild West Slot Machine (played) Tomb Runner Pics Word Space Cord Specs The Builders (in play) Spell Bound Ron's All Stars 3 keys solitaire Cookie Jam Bouncing Balls Crazy Eight Mahjongg Candy Checkers
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