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  3. That's good bowling.. I use to bowl on a couple of Church Leagues, and some fun bowling, when I owned my Party Store there was a bowling alley just down the street from the store, I bowled there and also sponsored a bowling team. I haven't bowled in years, last time was in Southfield Michigan, for sanctioned league. I had a two hole ball, and was trying my damndest to learn to control the ball, never did happen.. But that was the last I bowled, and that is maybe 25 years ago. I don't think I could life the ball and roll it down the alley.. I find the older I get I loose muscle..
  4. Yeah, it sure doesn't play like real Bowling. The best bowling game I've found on here is Disco Bowling. I used to bowl around here in my younger days. The last 5 years I bowled, I carried 195 average. I had one 700+ series, but no 300 games. I think my highest game was 289.
  5. It's a hell of a bowling game to play. 10 frames I got a 21, Real time bowling I was always around 230
  6. This week's team game was Blast Billiards chosen by RAS Cobras 15 + 13 + 10 + 4 + 3 = 45 Spectres 12 + 11 + 8 + 7 + 6 = 44 RAS 14 + 9 + 5 + 2 + 1 = 31 to Cobras for the closest of victories and to Hammer for the high score Spectres 21 Cobras 21 RAS 13
  7. Sherry 177,025 oomie 139,050 Cindy 125,875 MuckUp 81,875 Ros 38,850 Toolman 29,475 neilgee 6,425 Robbie 2,825
  8. Oh well that is the game of the day. Throw a few gutter balls, make it interesting.
  9. Happy your at home, must be a big relief for you to be home and sleep in your own bed..Keep upi the good work, you can and will do it.
  10. A new GOTD wish has been made for JJ10 Pin Bowling v2 You can play this game here JJ10 Pin Bowling v2 Description of game 10 frames of bowling. You can download this game here JJ10 Pin Bowling v2
  11. Week 65 Will only show the top 3 players whose scores will be added! Binggrae 1st panda = 15 2nd sherry = 10 3rd wildflower = 5 Dora Basket Ball 1st hammer = 15 2nd panda = 10 3rd wildflower = 5 Lucky Letters 1st sherry = 15 2nd hammer = 10 3rd ros58 = 5 Office Hoops 1st hammer = 15 2nd kendall = 10 3rd husky = 5 Stop the Bus 1st hammer = 15 2nd panda = 10 3rd sherry = 5 1st ... hammer = 55 points 2nd ... panda = 35 points 3rd .. sherry = 30 points Congratulations to the winners and well played everyone!! Good luck for the next week..
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