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  1. Ronald


  2. That's good bowling.. I use to bowl on a couple of Church Leagues, and some fun bowling, when I owned my Party Store there was a bowling alley just down the street from the store, I bowled there and also sponsored a bowling team. I haven't bowled in years, last time was in Southfield Michigan, for sanctioned league. I had a two hole ball, and was trying my damndest to learn to control the ball, never did happen.. But that was the last I bowled, and that is maybe 25 years ago. I don't think I could life the ball and roll it down the alley.. I find the older I get I loose muscle..
  3. It's a hell of a bowling game to play. 10 frames I got a 21, Real time bowling I was always around 230
  4. Oh well that is the game of the day. Throw a few gutter balls, make it interesting.
  5. Happy your at home, must be a big relief for you to be home and sleep in your own bed..Keep upi the good work, you can and will do it.
  6. Ronald


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