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  1. Had to remove the game. Installed a new game: https://ronaldsarcade.com/index.php?ipsproarcade/&s=Fishy Rush&gType=0&type=0&st=1&sd=1
  2. Still a bad game then. OK I will keep looking for a working game. Thanks.
  3. Ronald


    Sorry can not locate a replacement, so I have disabled the game for now.
  4. I put this to the support group for an answer. Will get back shortly. Thanks
  5. Fixed, it was set to play Flash and its a HTML5 game.
  6. Sorry I gad to disable the game, I tried a couple other sites and this site also, my malware program, picks up a Trojan in the database. I will keep looking for a good game.
  7. Sherry I installed a working game. I could never get a score myself, but could you try once more and let me know if it works for you. Thanks
  8. Ronald


    Sorry Andy, I can not find this game, or at least one that works, so I disabled the game..
  9. OK I'll check into this.
  10. I installed a new game, but I can't seem to get pass -500. Can you try again and see what it does for you.
  11. OK I'll keep looking for a good game. Question:Do you have to go through all 20 to get a score?
  12. Andy I installed a new game, didn't have time to play it. Can you ply and see if it gives a score. Let me know, OK.
  13. Sorry I could not locate a replacement game. I replace the game with this one https://ronaldsarcade.com/index.php?/ipsproarcade/playgame/32552-pea-princess-maze/

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