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  1. GOTD Request https://ronaldsarcade.com/index.php?ipsproarcade/playgame/7302-power-solitaire
  2. A new GOTD - Défi journalier wish has been made for Agnes 2 You can play this game here Agnes 2 Description of game A variant of the very popular online solitaire games. Rules: Build Foundations in each suit from Ace to King. Build Columns down in alternating colors. Ranking of cards is continuous, build King after Ace when necessary. You can download this game here Agnes 2
  3. hello ronald If you can watch, I have this mistake: Aucune information de style ne semble associée à ce fichier XML. L'arbre du document est affiché ci-dessous. <creatives><creative><click>http://server.cpmstar.com/click.aspx?poolid=20200&subpoolid=100058&campaignid=470369&creativeid=1277687</click><macros><macro name="AUTHOR" value="Espritgames"/><macro name="CLICKURL" value="https://espritgames.com/fr/bladeofkings/promo/dryad/?epartner=cpmstar&ecampaign=fr&tid=&subid=20200"/><macro name="DEFAULTURL" value="https://espritgames.com/bladeofkings"/><macro name="DESC" value="Blade of Kings reveals the captivating backstory of a magical world. Players personally participate in the plot&apos;s twists and turns as well as the story of great struggles and successes on the continent, ultimately rising to become a generation of kings!"/><macro name="IMAGE1198X627" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/BOK_1198x627_EN.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE140X105" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image140x105.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE140X140" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image140x140.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE191X100" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image191x100.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE200X200" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image200x200.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE267X200" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image267x200.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE382X200" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image382x200.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE50X50" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image50x50.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE60X60" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image60x60.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE627X627" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/BOK_627x627_EN.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE80X60" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image80x60.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE836X627" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/BOK_836x627_EN.jpg"/><macro name="IMAGE90X90" value="https://ssl.cdne.cpmstar.com/cached/creatives/1277687/image90x90.jpg"/><macro name="TITLE" value="Blade of Kings"/></macros></creative></creatives> thank you
  4. Harmony


    Yay I'm a rose whisperer
  5. You did not find it .... Too bad but not serious!
  6. Ronald, Can you install this H5 word game: - 1 sound 1 word thank you very much
  7. Hello, Can you install this H5 hidden object games : * Amsterdam Hidden Objects And this H5 Differences Games : * Discover China
  8. Hello, Can you install these H5 hidden object games: - Hidden Classroom - The Palace Hotel - Room 305 Thank you so much

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