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  1. A short guide to installing flash player in Pale Moon browser in 2021. 1) Install Pale Moon browser from homepage, it can be 32-bit or 64-bit version (I am using 32-bit version) 2) Install older version of flash player from archive.org version Flash Player file flashplayer32_0r0_371_win.exe inside downloaded zip. You may choose "Never check for updates" while installing. You may need to uninstall your current version of flash before installing this one. 3) After installation create folder "plugins" in %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Pale Moon\browser folder and copy file C:\Win
  2. Harmony


    Yay I'm a rose whisperer
  3. You did not find it .... Too bad but not serious!
  4. Ronald, Can you install this H5 word game: - 1 sound 1 word thank you very much
  5. Hello, Can you install this H5 hidden object games : * Amsterdam Hidden Objects And this H5 Differences Games : * Discover China
  6. Hello, Can you install these H5 hidden object games: - Hidden Classroom - The Palace Hotel - Room 305 Thank you so much
  7. Hello I am a french 57 years old loving games ... Especially solitaires and hidden objects Thank you for your welcome kisses

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