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    11/12/2021 · $10.00
  • Donation Goals

    Bandwidth (Game Downloading)

    Game downloading is free and unlimited.

    It would be a nice gestor if you could donate a buck or two after downloading games from the arcade, this all helps with the bandwidth.

    $30.00 of $100.00 Donate Now
    Yearly VPS Hosting

    These donations go to the server/hosting costs only.

    Thank you kindly!





    $250.00 of $561.96 Donate Now
    Domain Names And SSL Certificate Fees 

    These donations go towards the costs of Domain Names such as (ronaldsarcade.com), they also go to pay for our SSL certificate which encrypts all your data and helps to keep both the site and our members safe.

    $0.00 of $75.00 Donate Now
    Renewal Fees For Forum 

    These donations go towards the cost of the forum software renewal fees.

    $100.00 of $365.00 Donate Now
    Coffee Shop 

    Welcome to the coffee shop you are more than welcome to pull up a chair and donate a GBP, Euro, Dollar etc. or whatever spare change you may have burning a hole in your pocket.

    $50.00 of $200.00 Donate Now
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