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Here at Ronald's Arcade, like any other site, we have rules and below you will find a list of those rules. This is not an all inclusive list, but one that pretty much highlights what our site is about and how we like to run our site Please familiarize yourself with these rules, and if you agree with them, Welcome to our home, if you do not agree with our rules, I am sure you will find another place on the internet, and we do hope that you enjoy your stay no matter where it might be.

FORUMS - We encourage member participation in the forums, but it is not a requirement that you post here. Member participation will encourage others to join us here and makes for a better site.

  • Swearing - Swearing in the forums or any other area of the site is forbidden, we attempt to run a family site here and with that, we try and keep it safe for children visitors to the site. We do realize that on occasion a swear word will slip out, not a problem we all do it, but, for those who continue to "slip" you will be warned by a member of the staff and subsequently banned from the site if it were to continue.
  • PORN - Will absolutely not be tolerated on this site anywhere. Any posting of PORN or links to porn of any kind will prompt an immediate ban from the site and your IP will be turned over to the appropriate authorities
  • Posting - Please keep in mind that this is a family site and that children may visit at anytime, make your posts with children in mind, what would you want your children subject too ?
  • SHOUT BOX - The shout box is utilized on this site for chatting with other members and therefore promoting good times, it is not a place where you can request support, that is what the forums are for, so please do not request support in the shout box Swearing, porn and posting in the shout box, follow the same guidelines as set above for the forums

ARCADE - The arcade is obviously the main focus of our site. We have over 58,000 games on this site with the ability to add more games at the click of a button. We try and be as fair as we can with the arcade, and reset scores from time to time (Hall Of Fame scores do not get deleted). This is where most of our rules come into play, so bear with us and read these rules carefully, if you have any questions about these, or any of the rules for this site, feel free to contact a member of the staff.

  • SHADOWING - Is against the rules on this site. Shadowing, as defined by our site is when a member(s) follow another member around playing the same games. This is not only annoying but is not fair to the member(s) that you are following. To try and alleviate "shadowing" we give a member a 1 hour gloating period. What this means is that if a member (any member) has just posted a score, give them at least an hour before playing the same game. We are all about competition and it is not against the rules to play the same games as another member, but do it with respect for other members. We have over 58,000 games here and it should not be difficult to find another game to play for an hour.
  • The rules are if you take 5 high scores from the same player within 5 hours, you will be punished.
    The games must have a minimum of 2 scores to be considered targeting.
  • CHEATING - .Cheating is strictly prohibited. Using glitches or an Auto Clicker to amplify your scores will not be permitted here on Ronald's Arcade. Bare in mind that using any cheat method is not right to the members that play properly and gives you an unfair advantage in the Arcade. If we find any scores gained in this manner your scores will be removed and you may be questioned on how you achieved this scores.
  • GAMES NOT WORKING - IF you happen to come across a game that is not functioning correctly (not loading, not saving scores etc...) please use the Report Game link that is found with every game on the site. This will create a post in the forum which will assist me in keeping track of games that have been reported and what had to be done to resolve the issue.
  • POINTS SYSTEM - We have a points system that we use for the Arcade. You can win points in the arcade and use them to buy special items in the ibEconomy shop (still being implemented) such as name color. We do not have ibEconomy entirely set up, but it is coming. Another way to earn points is by participation in the forums. At some point in the near future, the only way you will be able to play games in the arcade will be determined by the number of points you have in your account.


       ● Advertising is not allowed on Ronald's Arcade Do not attempt to advertise, try to sell products or services on Ronald's Arcade. If you need help understanding what we classify as “advertising” please contact us..

Additional Rules

       ● Private Messaging: Using our private messaging feature to organize or promote this type of behavior, to incite personal attacks or encourage harassment of other members is strictly prohibited. You may not impersonate any member, or Ronald's Arcade official staff/volunteers.

       ● You agree through the use of Ronald's Arcade, not to send solicitations, advertising your personal web forum/s, or any other web forum/s. By abusing this privilege, you are subject to being Banned from Ronald's Arcade

       ● As stated above, this is not an "all inclusive" list of all the rules on this site, and we will update these rules from time to time. It is your responsibility to be familiar with these rules, so please keep checking back for any possible changes. Once again if you have any questions regarding these rules, feel free to contact a member of the staff, welcome to Ronald's Arcade, we hope you enjoy your stay.


Edit to change cheating rules. July 1 2018

Edited to add: Hunting/Shadowing January 23, 2020.

Edited to add rules January 26, 2020.

Edited to add highlights May 14, 2021

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Ah'm with you....Boo-boo!


(Ah got mah boy tuh read thu rules over tuh me. He got all the way tuh the sioxth grade!)

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have read the rules .. i see they are different than was on front page before.

......The rules are if you take 5 high scores from the same player within 5 hours, you will be punished......


so back to 5 games within 5 hrs .


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