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Baidu Browser for Flash and Ruffle

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Here is a video especially good if you already have Baidu installed or you have installed in the past and then deleted, it will help you to find remnants of Baidu after the deletion so you have a clean start when carrying out the following instructions.

How to stop Baidu browser updating

Hi Folks

I have done a test of the Baidu Browser and there are a couple of Pro's and Cons,

The Cons are

That it doesn't seem to be compatible with HTML5 games, It is pretty basic and it tries to update when you load the browser but it can't as there is no more support for this browser so it shuts it down but i'll explain how to deal with this further down. The last thing is that it hasn't been built for IPS so the themes look a bit strange until you get used to the look of them however I haven't found any untoward problems with this.

The Pro's are

That is played every flash game I tried, Loaded, played and submitted scores. this next bit surprised me IT PLAYS AS3 GAMES USING THE RUFFLE SELF HOSTED SOFTWARE (I'm not sure if the browser extension works) which is great for the ones that prefer a certain theme/skin, I tried all the themes we have here that are ruffle enabled and it played ASS3 games on all of them. With there being no more support for this browser you don't have any worries about it updating in the background and knocking your flash out.

If you want to give it a try and just use it for Flash AS2 and AS3 games it's your choice.

Download https://baidu-browser.en.softonic.com/download or  Spark_Setup_all.exe

I would only recommend doing these edits if you are comfortable navigating your way around the C:Drive and a couple of other places that will be explained.

Step 1) Install the browser ( uncheck the 'Make it default browser') the browser will open up when installed simply close it.

Step 2) Go to C:Drive/Program files (86)/baidu and delete the folder named SparkUpdate.

Step 3) Open the Baidu Browser folder and scroll down to find bdutil, bdupdate, bdstatreport.dll and bdupdateui.dll and delete all 3 files.

Step 4) Close the file explorer window.

Step 5) Press the windows key + the R key to open the 'run dialog box. type taskschd.msc and click OK.

Step 6) The Task Scheduler box should open up.

Step 7) Double click the Task Scheduler Library in the left hand window.

Step 8) in the middle window scroll down and find 'SparkUpdater' 


Highlight and delete it. and close the task scheduler down.

After all this you may get the following: baidu.png

How to stop Baidu giving error message and crashing.

He's saying go to C; Drive/program files (86)/baidu/Baidu Browser and then scroll down and find the bdstatreport.dll file and delete it.

And that's it. Open your Baidu browser and play to your hearts content.

Credits go to Chat Arcade (Logan)  Baidu Browser for Flash and Ruffle - Technical Help Inc Peer to Peer - Chatarcade.co.uk

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