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Ruffle is now Integrated into Ronald's Arcade

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We have now integrated Ruffle into the site, this means you shouldn't have to install the ruffle extension to play games here at Ronald's Arcade, you will need the extension to play games at other sites that do not have Ruffle integrated into their site. However it doesn't seem to conflict with the one now integrated into Ronald's Arcade and you can always switch the extension off if you have any problems.

Browser you can use are Edge. Chrome, Firefox & Safari

Ruffle will not play any AS3 action script games at the moment but we hope that issue may be sorted eventually.

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Hello Everyone,

We now have the site version of Ruffle installed on the site. This will enable all members to play flash games on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. So you don't have to downloaded the browser version to your computer.

At the moment you will not be able to play in full screen or AS3 games. Ruffle is working on this and as soon as there is a fix I will let you you.  There is also an issue with playing tournaments, seems you can only play on Chrome and only play V2 and V32 games.  Will update this as more testing is done.

It is also suggested to allow updates for the Chrome and Firefox browsers again as there is no need to stop them from updating now that flash doesn't work.

Below is what will appear for games that don't work at the moment.


01.jpg     02.jpg


You do not need to report these games as broken as it is already known.  However any games that do not open or post scores should still be reported.

If you still want to download the browser version of Ruffle I will post pics with instructions on how to download and install it below.

Go here to get Ruffle: https://ruffle.rs/

03.jpg     Click on "our releases"

04.jpg     Click on "Chrome / Edge / Safari" under browser extensions

05.jpg     Click save to download.  Before you do this I suggest you make a folder for it on your desk top.

06.jpg     Once downloaded open folder, right click on extension and click extract here.

07.jpg     Open Chrome and click on settings.

08.jpg    On the left side of the page click extensions. 

09.jpg   Turn developer mode to on, then click load pack

10.jpg     Find the folder from the left side that the Ruffle extension is in and double click, then click Select folder.

11.jpg     If all is done correctly you will see the Ruffle extension is added and your ready to go.

Again, as long as Ruffle is installed on the site you do not need to install the browser version.  However, you will not be able to play flash on any site that does not have Ruffle installed.

Special note: Thanks to Chuck from ArcadeGamers  for the copy and paste.

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