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How to play "FLASH" using Chrome Browser

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How To Install Ruffle Flash Emulator As a Browser Extension

Download Chrome Browser: Google Chrome - Download the Fast, Secure Browser from Google

Get Ruffle: Ruffle | Flash Player emulator written in the Rust programming language

Download Ruffle for Chrome, to your desktop, unzip the program and leave it on the desktop.

Download Chrome, open Chrome look at the upper right corner, click on the 3 dots, next click on Settings, when this opens, look over to the left near the bottom of the page, click on Extensions, look in the upper right corner for  Developer Mode click the button to turn it on.

Next look over to the left side upper for Load Unpack, next click on this and when it opens look for the ruffle zip you just unzipped, click on it, this will bring it back to extensions in chrome, you should see a Box that looks like this. ruffle.png


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Thanks for that Ron 

Well looks like you Should not have to do anything now to play Flash games once we has moved to 1.1.1Beta3 Arcade

It will be compatible with http://ruffle.rs/. Thanks to Logan and Legionaire.

It is working on many sites so lets hope it does here !!

(( Don't shoot the messenger , its only what I have seen around the sites )) 

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the ruffle work on some games other have this

maybe some will find a way of this




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They are working getting AS3 implementation working, I think it is one of their top priorities right now, but rest assured they will get it fixed, how long it will take ?


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