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Week 64

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Week 64


Will only show the top 3 players whose scores will be added!17.gif


1st ros58 = 15
2nd husky  = 10
3rd wildflower = 5


1st husky = 15
2nd neilgee = 10
3rd hammer  = 5

Knights Magic Solitaire Hard   

1st wildflower = 15
2nd cinderella = 10
3rd husky = 5

Tijuana nother drink  

1st hammer  = 15
2nd husky = 10
3rd wildflower = 5

Virus 3 Hex Options  

1st hammer = 15
2nd neilgee = 10
3rd cinderella = 5

1st ... husky = 40 points    6220.gif
2nd ... hammer = 35 points
3rd  .. wildflower  = 30 points

Congratulations to the winners and well played everyone!!  5187.gif
Good luck for the next week..  24.gif

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