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Host Server Upgrade

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We are almost out of space in our server account. With all the games we have installed and with HTML5 games taking a huge chuck of the server space, we need to upgrade our server to around 1600GB.

I have notified our Host to give me a date as to when this can be complete, waiting on a reply back. Of course after the upgrade, nothing will change in the way of the members, log in will remain the same.

I will be sending out a email with the information to all members. This upgrade will also include Debbie's Arcade, due to the fact we are hosted together on the same server.



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Just a note to let you all know, we are preparing a move to a new server, well not new, we are upgrading our account, to 1600 GB. We have a huge amount of games including HTML5 games, which take up quite a bit of space. No new games will be installed until the move is complete.

Host support says about 15 minutes to do the upgrade, but I'd sure expect more downtime than that. Of course you can log in with your old access data after the upgrade.

I ask for your understanding and patience during the upgrade.

This upgrade will effect Ronald's Arcade and Debbie's Arcade.

The upgrade will take place August 21st. between 8 am and 11 pm CET time.

Thank you kindly.

 Ronald's Arcade.

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Just a little note to say, the upgrade had some problems at the beginning, but it did go through very successful.

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