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Both forums down

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You may have noticed that Ronald's Arcade along with Debbie's Arcade went down for roughly 6 hours last night.. Maybe you do not know but Debbie's and Ronald's share the same VPS Host


Below is the Contabo support response back to me. All has been repair..


Contabo Support Team
Wed 11/6/2019 3:01 AM

Dear Mr Beaudoin,


Thank you very much for your e-mail.


There has been an update error in cPanel in general. The new package of "MariaDB" is having an bug and the only solution would be a downgrade the package of "MariaDB" which we have already performed for you. Please find further information under the following link:




Additionally, you had an entry in your "etc/my.cnf" which prevented the DB from working. We have resolved this error for you as well and everything is working again


We hope we could be of assistance.


If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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As you can see the above error is what is causing the database error when attempting to Play Full on GOTW.


Ed corrects the error, and it works for a short time then shuts the forum down. Then I contact my host support and they correct the error, the forum comes back up, then the Database error shows again..


I have asked Legionaire for suggestions on correcting this the proper way, there must be a secure way of redoing this database error..


Another thought we are working on is to Upgrade this version of IPB 3.4.9 to the newest version of IPB 4.4.9, then Upgrading the Arcade to the newest version that runs on the newer IPB 4.4.9. This is another way of solving this problem..


IPB 3.4.9 is old and hasn't been supported in many years..

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