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Welcome To Ronald's Arcade: tubesock

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Hello tubesock, Welcome to Ronald's Arcade


Ronald's Arcade is a fun and friendly gaming & forum International community. We have over 31,000 games waiting for you to play along with friendly competitions, Monthly & Weekly Challenges, Game of the Week, Game of the Day, Team Games and Tournament Games.


We also offer free game downloads to all members, no limits. And we have nice awards for the arcade and forums that are handed out monthly.


Please read the Arcade and forum rules after you are approved.


Thank you for joining our family friendly International community.

You will need one (1) post, to start posting in the forum.

Thanks again for joining!


Ronald's Arcade



24 Sep 2019

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Welcome tubesock to our arcade forum.


Just a little info. about tubesock. tubesock along with Legionaire are responsible for revamping the arcade so it will work with IPB 4.4. They have a ipsProArcade forum  https://ipsproarcade.com/ where we have all been testing the arcade for errors and bugs.


It is to the stage now where the arcade forum will go live January 1 2020 using IPB 4.4


This will be a new venture for many of us who will be upgrading our arcade forums to IPB 4.4. It is a much better and more secure forum.

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Thanks for welcoming me (3 times)!  We are going to beta testers soon and we have no definite date on launching, but I know that 3dogs is closed on January 1st.


Hopefully the beta goes smoothly and we can go live soon after that.


I'm excited to get feedback about it from users and testers alike.


Thanks again! :)

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