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    Ball eat is Playing Arcade Game Ball - Ronald's Arcade Bin Man is Playing Arcade Game Bin Man - Ronald's Arcade Just type the game name in the search box Games have been moved due to the amount we have so they now slowly going into categories sorry about the disruption Oak
  2. But you need to take ruffle of one of the themes ( or so I believe ) IF you have a browser that you have made the edits to, to allow the playing of AS3 games, you can use the following theme ( The one Ronald picks ) (( Yet to be decided )) So it would be AS3 (Non Working Games!) (11,590) . Changed to AS3 (Use #### Theme !) (11,590) lol IF you are using a browser that has not been modified and relying on ruffle to allow you to play FLASH games (NOT AS3), then you can use any one of the other available themes.
  3. Catsmother is a friend of mine She has https://www.talkmh.com/ No Arcade It is just a Mental Health Chat Room/Site Something Very close to my heart !!
  4. Hello Feckie, Welcome to Ronald's Arcade ( Have fun ! )
  5. Ruffle is still working on ActionScript 3 games. You might get this error on some games. Please dont report these ActionScript 3 games. Hopefully they will get them working too. But until then I am moving them to the " AS3 " Cat . Done so far is as follows [ 3 or more-Collapse-Swap ] [ Aviod-Dodge-Catch ] Done [ Aliens & Space ] Done [ Animals- Bugs ] Done [ Adventure ] Done [ AS3 ] [ Balloons- BubbleShooter ] Done [ Ball- Balance ] Done [ Bingo ] Done [ Bowling- Pinball ] Done [ Breakout- Tetris ] Done [ Bubble Witch Saga ] Done
  6. It wont work on here now we have ruffle added ! If Members wanted to use it ( and yes it does work ) you would have to remove ruffle from 1 skin so members could play any of the ActionScript 3 games " AS3 " Flash . You can find all versions here flashplayerarchive directory listing
  7. They are working getting AS3 implementation working, I think it is one of their top priorities right now, but rest assured they will get it fixed, how long it will take ?
  8. Thanks for that Ron Well looks like you Should not have to do anything now to play Flash games once we has moved to 1.1.1Beta3 Arcade It will be compatible with http://ruffle.rs/. Thanks to Logan and Legionaire. It is working on many sites so lets hope it does here !! (( Don't shoot the messenger , its only what I have seen around the sites ))
  9. " Discover China " Works now xxxxxx have fun !!

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