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  1. Hi polecat Lots of new members here myself included and lots of great games hope to see you on the forum
  2. Morning a bit warmer today but still okay not going to feel like I'm going to melt so all good
  3. bertha

    Five Letters

    Is Norma Sadly Into David CRANE
  4. bertha

    Five Letters

    Can Arnold Get Elsie's Sweets TRAIN
  5. Morning lovely day here generally sunny with a lovely breeze its a sit down day we all have them going to just do what's needed and watch a bit of the tennis and obviously come on the site lol
  6. Hi Eddie and welcome there are a lot of new members here so join in with us all the games are good and members are enjoying the forums
  7. Afternoon well the sun is hiding but its still nice Wimbledon tennis has started and no rain forecast so all good lol
  8. Yoghurt obviously when its gone off lol (that was clever wildflower lol) Z

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