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    Awards at March 29th, 2020 reset: to Nathalie & Panda who tie to become the Arcade Champion and win a coveted yellow jersey each. Top 5: Nathalie 899 Panda 899 Hammer 661 Smurf 527 Harmony 387 Congratulation to all the members on your awards, and thank you all for your support at Ronalds. GOTW winners Islandgrl (3), wildflower (2),Sherry (2), weme, left, Panda,, MuckUp, Esmeey Weekly Challenge Winners Week 29 Wildflower Week 30 Cinderella Week 31 Panda Week 32 Wildflower Week 33 Hammer Week 34 Husky Week 35 Panda Week 36 Wildflower & Husky Week 37 Husky Week 38 Husky & Wildflower Week 39 Wildflower Week 40 Kendall Week 41 Sherry Monthly Challenge January 1st with 55 points = grapjas 2nd with 45 points = husky & sherry 3rd with 40 points = neilgee February 1st with 90 points = wildflower 2nd with 75 points = panda 3rd with 45 points = sherry March 1st with 110 points = wildflower 2nd with 35 points = muckup 3rd with 30 points = hammer Team Game results Cobras 53 RAS 40 Spectres 35 Thank you for playing everybody
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